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  • We transform technology into tradable energy products

    Iqony's "Trading" division manages and markets the Group's technical assets along the entire value chain.

    Our portfolio includes conventional and renewable plants, waste-to-energy plants as well as battery storage and, in the future, electrolysers. We transform complex technical assets into products and energy trading and hedging strategies. This maximizes the value of these assets in the energy and balancing markets, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also leverage this strong foundation for our trading partners and customers: We offer individually focused solutions and project partnerships at eye level.

    With Iqony's more than 80 years of experience behind us, we have broad expertise in the management and optimization of all types of energy technology systems. Our special expertise lies in optimally linking technology with energy management. Our product and service portfolio in asset-based energy trading ranges from asset management to trading of power, green PPAs, guarantees of origin, steam, emissions, flexibility, as well as hydrogen and its derivatives in the future.

    In addition to the selective expansion of our service portfolio, we are pushing the development of projects and also support our sister companies in the field of wind onshore, PV or battery projects. Due to the strong group association, we are able to offer holistic and innovative solutions: One example is our large-scale battery system, which we realized together and with which we were able to take the market leadership in this plant class in Germany.

    In particular in the field of sustainable energy supply and sector coupling, we will continue to realize future projects of Iqony. In addition to storage solutions and grid services, we are paying particular attention to hydrogen as a versatile energy carrier. If you would like to take advantage of our know-how: Feel free to approach us and become our project partner at eye level.