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    As Iqony's trading division, we not only manage and market the Group's technical assets: trading partners and customers can also draw on our expertise, resources and market access. Our product and service portfolio ranges from asset management to individual trading of green PPAs, certificates of origin, heat, steam, currencies, and emissions, as well as water and oxygen in the future.

    Because we are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as an energy trader on our trading floor, we can optimally control management at any time and flexibly orient it to current demand.

    We have access to all nationally and internationally important energy markets where commodities and electricity are traded. Thanks to this broad market access to more than 150 market partners, all options in energy trading are open to us and our customers, both nationally and internationally.

    Our Products & Services

    Energy Trading

    Optimum energy marketing

    From load balancing in the intraday market to long-term management with a trading horizon of up to three years: On our trading floor, we use all options for marketing our own and external assets.

    Standard products Intraday trading

    Market access

    The fair and flexible solution for your power supply

    Affordable and flexible access to the electricity market is the basis for consumers to react flexibly to the new demands on the electricity market. Our market access is tailored to the new requirements of a volatile market and decarbonization

    Fair and flexible billing

    • Simple and transparent: billing directly on the basis of prices on the electricity exchange. To the hour
    • Accounting for deviations from the daily forecast in a way that is fair to the originator
    • At the request of our customers, we provide support in the preparation of forecasts

    Basis for green power and use of our customers' flexibilities

    • Provision of green power from green PPAs possible
    • Cost reduction through market-oriented use of flexibility in consumption
    • Support in the optimum control of local generation plants to optimize their value on the electricity market

    Green PPAs

    Plant-specific supply of green power. In real time

    Green power procurement is an essential key for decarbonization for consumers.

    • Green power, even beyond certificates. On request, plant-specific and in real time.
    • Long-term cost security through contracting at a fixed price

    We supply green power via our market access, via existing supply contracts or directly to our customers' balancing group.

    Our customers benefit from our many years of energy industry expertise.

    • We help structure procurement and manage increasing complexity
    • Revenue hedging helps green power producers profit from the market


    Our Flex Products - Marketing Flexibility in Generation and Consumption

    Prices on the electricity market are ¼ hourly and highly volatile. By controlling flexibility in consumption and generation, a high value can thus be leveraged. Since the sharp rise in prices, this effect has become much stronger and significant revenues can be generated or costs reduced.

    Easy start:

    Our market access passes the benefits of optimization on daily fluctuating prices directly to you

    You decide how consumption or generation from your own plants such as CHPs can be optimally controlled. We support the optimization with our market know-how and current forecasts.

    Your advantages:

    • simple billing
    • No interference with equipment or processes on site
    • No unpredictable call of control energy

    Individual solutions

    We provide individual advice on how to make the most of our customers' flexibility. Depending on the situation, we can, for example, optimize individual plants or heat storage facilities directly on the market to generate additional value for you.

    Flexibility has greatly increased in value on the electricity market

    Case study

    Intraday optimization of load shifting or the use of a CHP plant

    Complex flexibility

    • During the daily optimization of the plant
    • Demand or CHP plant with local heat demand, heat storage if necessary.

    Adjustment to volatile electricity prices

    • Demand or generation is regularly optimized against current market prices on the intraday market
    • Compliance with technical boundary conditions and fulfillment of heat demand are ensured