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    We are expediting the further development of our international trading activities. Turkey is a particular focus for future growth. Here STEAG already manages the 60 MW Süloğlu wind farm in Edirne as well as the 1,320 MW hard coal fired power plant in the bay of İskenderun. STEAG owns 51% of shares of the power station. 

    Our trading activities in Turkey are grouped together centrally as "STEAG Enerji Ticareti ve Hizmetleri A.Ş.", which manages the entire portfolio along the value chain.

    Our focus here is on the following points:

    • optimization of conventional power plants from the long-term range to intraday trade
    • optimization of renewable systems such as wind farms (successful for the Süloğlu wind farm since 2015)
    • power supplies to customers
    • hard coal deliveries to power stations and industrial customers
    • application options for battery storage systems


    STEAG in Turkey